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Healthier You is a Valdez Parks and Recreation program designed to promote a healthier lifestyle for the Valdez community through personal improvements in activity, weight loss, smoking cessation, nutrition and health education. Healthier You helps Valdez citizens make healthy changes to their lifestyles by offering participants free exercise and educational opportunities and helpful ways to track their progress. Healthier You provides the structure necessary to establish healthy routines for a true lifestyle change. Healthier You encourages participation as an individual but also finds the support of teams encouraging, allowing you and your friends to support each other and compete against other Healthier You teams. Healthier You also rewards participants for their hard work with a wide array of prizes ranging from cash, to fitness equipment and gift cards! Healthier You has great prizes for every winner!

Healthier You’s focus for 2017 is a Healthier Family, and encourages families to participate together, exercise together, eat healthier together, and learn together to create a Healthier Family. The Healthier You competition is open to everyone 5 years and up

For more information contact us at info@healthieryouvaldez.com

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All program participants 5 years and up